Best Cures to Stop Snoring

Snoring affects everybody. There is no set demographic of people who you can pinpoint as suffering from snoring, anybody can snore and everybody does snore. BBC News reported that a recent study showed 40% of people over the age of 40 snore while 59% of people say their partner snores.

Snoring can have a debilitating effect on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Your body requires a solid night of sleep in order to operate at its highest potential, and every day that it doesn’t get that rest it slows down. Some people aren’t even aware that they snore; they just know that they’re never fully rested and that they start to anger easily because of it. It’s not just your personal life that can be wrecked by snoring; your health may also be at risk if your snoring is an underlying cause of a more serious issue.

There are treatments available, both at home and at the doctor’s, which can decrease or eliminate snoring and finally allow you and your family to get the rest that your body has been craving. If you have been allowing your snoring to dictate the course of your life then it may finally be time to take your life back and do something to stop your snoring once and for all.

Causes of Snoring

There is no set cause for snoring. There is no simple issue that can be pinpointed as the reason for snoring. The truth about snoring is that there are plenty of different elements that can cause or lead to it in an otherwise healthy adult. The guilty culprit for causing your snoring could be as simple as poor sleeping posture or as serious as sleep apnea. It’s difficult to decide on a course of treatment without first identifying the most likely cause of your snoring. Here are some of the most common causes of snoring:

Obstructed Nasal Airways – Nasal airways that have become congested due to cold or seasonal allergies can result in snoring. Although this snoring can be temporary, the nasal airways may also be obstructed by something more serious. A deviated nasal septum can restrict the flow of oxygen through the nasal airways and cause the rubbing of the soft tissue in the mouth. This will cause snoring as well but it will not be temporary.

Sleep Apnea – One of the most serious causes of snoring, sleep apnea is a very severe condition that can block the airway in its entirety and cause the individual to stop breathing for intervals of up to 30 seconds. If your snoring causes you to wake up with a loud gasp several times a night there is a good chance you suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Overweight – When your body starts to gain additional weight it can cause a buildup of fat in the neck and throat, causing the airways to tighten up during sleep. This will result in snoring. If you have recently gained some weight then there is a good chance that the excess fat is to blame for your snoring.

Consumption of Alcohol or Cigarettes – Heavy drinkers and smokers are more likely to start snoring. The consumption of too much alcohol right before going to sleep will lead to a decrease in your body’s natural defense against the airway becoming obstructed.

Sleeping Pills – Many people who snore cannot get a decent rest over the course of the night so they use sleeping pills. The sleeping pills will relax you and put you to sleep, but they are also relaxing your throat while you sleep, making it easier for your body to snore. They also make you spend more time in a deep sleep when snoring is most likely to occur.

Sleep Posture – People who sleep on their back are more likely to snore as that position can cause the tongue to slip back into the throat and obstruct the airway, blocking the flow of air and causing snoring. This is also true of people who sleep with their head on flat pillows instead of raised ones.

The Anatomy in the Mouth – Snoring may be caused be a unique makeup inside of the mouth. Different people have different shapes and sizes to the various parts in their body and if this extends to the mouth and throat it can result in snoring. A long soft palate can narrow the airway while an elongated uvula will have the same effect.

Effects of Snoring on Your Health

The effect that snoring can have on your health has the potential to be devastating. With any luck your snoring is caused by something that can be fixed with a simple at home snoring remedy, but in the worst case scenario the snoring could be the symptom of an underlying illness. Even if your snoring is caused by something simple like poor sleep posture it can still take a huge toll on your overall health. Your body requires at least 8 hours of sleep a night to function at the proper levels the next day, if you’re constantly waking up before you can reach the REM phase of your sleep cycle when your body and mind recuperates then you won’t be able to function at the highest levels possible.

Another thing to consider is the negative effect that your snoring will have on your partner. Many people don’t consider that all the side effects mentioned above aren’t just felt by them, but by anybody sharing the same bed as them. Some people don’t notice any effects of snoring themselves and so they decline treatment, not realizing the suffering they are inflicting on their loved one.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to poor work performance and have a negative effect on your professional life as well as your personal one. You can become angered much more easily and have a difficult time concentrating on even the simplest tasks. If you spend a lot of time in traffic you put yourself at risk of causing or being involved in a serious car accident all because of your lack of sleep.

Those whose snoring is the result of sleep apnea are at further risk of serious medical conditions, this goes double for individuals who snore as the result of being overweight. Heart failure, strokes and high blood pressure are all conditions that you are at a higher risk of developing if you have sleep apnea.

Snoring is often heard in children. Although most parents write this off as a cute little thing that babies do, it can be much more serious than that. If a child is snoring more than a couple of times a week it’s probably due to an obstructed airway. This blockage in the airway can lead to a depleted amount of oxygen making its way through the baby’s body, which in time can lead to serious behavioral problems as they get older. Aggression and learning problems are common in adolescents who grew up with undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea.

It’s a myth that snoring poses no problems and doesn’t need to be dealt with if it’s not affecting your sleep. If you suffer from snoring you need to consider the negative effects it’s having on your body that you’re not aware of as well as the negative effects it may be having on your partner. When you snore you share the side effects with those around you, even if they may not be aware of it. It’s easy to put off treating snoring by telling yourself that it’s not serious, but that will only lead to additional complications down the line, even if you’re not aware of it.

Possible Treatments to Stop Snoring

The snoring treatment that is right for you will depend entirely on the cause of your snoring. There are a wide variety of treatments available, ranging from home remedies to invasive surgeries, but you will need to identify the cause before you can choose a treatment. Once you have searched through the list of reasons for snoring and identified the most likely culprit you can begin trying the different snoring treatments to see if any of them work for your situation and lifestyle.

Home Remedies For Snoring

Alter Your Sleeping Posture: One of the simplest home remedies is to alter your sleeping posture; shifting from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side can stop your tongue from falling into the back of your head and obstructing the flow of air through your throat. If you keep rolling onto your back during the night you can stack some pillows and lay against them to stop your body from rolling while you sleep.

Raise Your Head Up: Try stacking multiple pillows up and sleeping on them so your head is kept at an angle.

Moisten The Air: Keeping a humidifier running in the room while you sleep will be of a significant help if your snoring is due to allergies or a cold.

Clean Your Nasal Passages: A stuffed up nose makes it difficult to inhale during the night and can lead to snoring. Again, if you suffer from allergies that cause your nasal passages to become congested then a neti pot or even a nasal strip can go a long way to help limit snoring.

Lifestyle Changes For Snoring

A quick change in your lifestyle may be all it takes to rid those nights of snoring once and for all. If any of these seem familiar with your lifestyle there may be a good chance that your snoring is simply the result of not being healthy enough.

Lose Weight: When you have extra weight on your body it accumulates everywhere, including your neck and throat. This fat can tighten your air passage and restrict the flow of air, resulting in snoring. Losing some weight can widen your throat and allow more air to pass through.

Don’t Take Sleeping Pills: Sleeping pills and other sedatives relax your body to put you to sleep. Unfortunately when you take sleeping pills they force your body to stay in a deep sleep for a longer period of time, the same period of sleep when snoring occurs. Cutting out sleeping pills can decrease the amount of time you snore each night.

Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol will relax the muscles in your throat during the night and can interfere with your breathing while you’re asleep. Try cutting out alcohol in the hours before you plan on going to bed.

Exercise Regularly: Getting into good shape will keep your muscles toned and increase your overall health. Exercising at least once a day will have numerous health benefits, including a possible decrease in snoring.

Medical Treatments For Snoring

If snoring home remedies and lifestyle changes don’t change your situation at all then there is a good chance your reason for snoring is caused by something medical. Thankfully there are several medical snoring treatments that are available for those who have medical conditions causing them to snore.

CPAP: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is a treatment that involves wearing an anti snoring device that is pressurized and forces air through the air passage during sleep. This is used for people whose snoring is the result of sleep apnea and it is extremely effective at making sure there is never a period of time that you stop breathing while you sleep.

Laser Surgery: Laser Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a treatment for snoring that involves shortening the soft palate and completely removing the uvula. This is not a treatment for sleep apnea but for snoring due to other causes. With the uvula removed and the soft palate shortened it makes more room for air to flow through.

Palatal Implants: Also called the pillar procedure, palatal implants are small strands of polyester that a doctor injects into the soft palate. Over time they will stiffen the soft palate, which stops them from vibrating and reduces snoring.

Anti Snoring Devices: For people who don’t want to have invasive or non-invasive surgery to treat their snoring there are oral applications available. Anti snoring mouthpieces that can be worn during sleep that alter the position of your soft palate and tongue are readily available. Make sure to visit a dentist while using them to make sure they are not causing any damage to the inside of your mouth.

Snoring can be an extremely disruptive issue to have to deal with. Thankfully there are plenty of treatments available that can limit, or in some cases stop entirely, the amount of snoring you experience. New treatments and studies are being released all the time and our website will bring you all the news and product reviews you will need, all in once place.
If you are kept up all night by your snoring, or your partner’s snoring, then you should be aware that you don’t need to spend your life suffering. Between the home remedies, medical treatments and lifestyle changes available to you, you should be able to find some way to alleviate the discomfort that your snoring is causing you.
Our website is a one-stop resource for all the information and facts you will need about snoring and the possible treatments and products available. Everything you need to finally take your life back and live in the best possible health is available to you here.


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